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Every Patio Needs A (Perfect) Furniture

A patio is an outdoor space generally used for dining or recreation that adjoins a structure and is typically paved. So, if you have a patio, all you need to make it complete is patio furniture!


Enjoying your patio time

Summer time especially, but also any other sunny day of the year, or just the day you want to enjoy outdoors, feeling a cool breeze, listening the sounds of nature, or watching the clouds go by…and all you need for that is a perfectly set patio. Patio is a part of your home designed to make your day feel more relaxed and fun.

So, once you have your patio, you need to upgrade it to a place you love spending time at, and no patio is complete without a perfect patio furniture.


What is patio furniture?

So, any furniture can be used as a patio furniture. But not all furniture is ideal to be used as a patio furniture. Since patio furniture is exposed to outside weather (potentially sun, heat, cold, wind, dust…), the best type of furniture you want to put in your patio is outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture or patio furniture is usually made of more durable materials, easier to clean and wash, designed for the more natural look and feel. Let’s see a few examples of patio furniture that you might like…


ALICIAN 3 Pcs/set Patio Coffee Table Chair Set


  • Two comfortable armchairs and a circular side table
  • Durable, weather-resistant seat and back cushions for best comfort
  • Modern simplistic design, fits perfectly in any porch or patio setting
  • High strength steel frame with beautifully crafted wicker ropes, exquisite craftsmanship
  • Tempered glass table top, years of long-lasting use coffee table.


THBOXES Hanging Rope Swing Chair


  • Simple installation, easy to hang and assemble
  • Lightweight and convenient to carry or store
  • Perfect for patio, porch, backyard, camping…
  • Suitable materials for outdoor use; Made of cotton with wood stretcher
  • Comfy cradle chair will quickly become your favorite place to relax


ALICIAN Classic Patio Chair


  • Made of sturdy composite plastic wood (Polystyrene). Long service life
  • UV resistant resin, will not fade and corrode
  • Realistic wood annual ring texture and feel
  • Easy to clean and maintenance: Wash with soap, water and soft bristle brush or sponge


ALICIAN Latex Rope Patio Chair


  • High-elastic latex rope, advanced material
  • Replaceable rope
  • 90° - 170° adjustable back angle; switch between lying, sitting and leaning at will
  • Easy to fold and store


Find the best patio furniture for including hammocks, folding soft chairs, folding wooden chairs, patio table + chairs sets, outdoor! All you need to do is select the perfect for you and enjoy!

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3 Chairs Totally Worth Having

A chair can be just a useful piece of furniture, or it can be more than that…it can be decorative, more-than-just-a-furniture piece of your home! We are presenting you 3 chairs that are totally worth having in your home.


image: ALICIAN Kids Animal Storage Chair


Chairs 101

A chair is a type of seat, typically designed for one person and consisting of one or more legs, a flat seat and a back-rest. They may be made of wood, metal, or synthetic materials, and may be padded or upholstered in various colors and fabrics.1

The history of chair dates back from the earliest civilizations. Initially, the first chairs were more of a representations and symbol of power, than a convenient furniture. Etymology of the word chair somewhat confirms the previous statement… Word chair is first referenced in the early 13th century in England, and it originates from the old French word chaiere which means chair, seat, throne, and further from Latin cathedra ("seat").

Chair were made out of stone, wood, metal, and modern chairs are often made of modern materials, and often combining more different materials in their design.

Early thrones and chairs were made with simple design in mind and were possibly decorated, but mostly one idea in mind, to be sturdy and long-lasting. With modern needs and faster, mass production, came modern designs… Chair design considers intended usage, ergonomics (how comfortable it is for the occupant), as well as non-ergonomic functional requirements such as size, stacking ability, folding ability, weight, durability, stain resistance, and artistic design. Also, nowadays, chairs’ designs and functionality are made so that they fit the purpose they are intended for…so we have dining chair, office chair, patio chair, children chair…


3 Chairs Totally Worth Having


ALICIAN Retro Lounge Rocking Chair


This rocking chair's solid wood frame and legs create a stable structure, and their natural finish complements light-gray cushions. Cushions are removable and reversible and feature easy-care upholstery, which will help make this rocker a long-lasting feature in any room that needs seating.


ALICIAN Boudoir Vanity Chair


This is a unique design, with a beautiful bowknot shaped back, dressing stool. It is made of 2cm painted iron pipe and high quality leather, and is equipped with 3cm high-density sponge cushion, which makes it have super strong texture. With this great design, this chair is suitable for dining room, living room, bedroom, and more... It can be used as dining chair, dressing chair and leisure chair.


THBOXES Hanging Sky Chair with Two Pillows


With a sophisticated design that combines high-grade cotton canvas and careful finishing. It brings great softness, durability and comfort. Strong load-bearing capacity: with excellent load-bearing capacity, it has great strength to support your weight, you can use it with confidence. Suitable for occasions: this hanging chair can be hung in the backyard, bedroom, living room, on the porch, balcony, etc.

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Better Homes and Gardens Patio Furniture You must Check

better homes and gardens patio furniture you must check

H1: Best Home And Garden Patio Furniture 2022

Meta Description: Want to furnish your garden and patio affordably? Check out these homes and gardens patio furniture to set up your place beautifully.

Outdoor fun is something that everyone looks forward to during summers. And having a comfortable and personalized outdoor space is so peaceful and relaxing. Your patio or garden area, however small or big it is, we’ve got a list of furniture that can add a new touch to it. Take a look at the menu of the best home and garden patio furniture that you can totally afford.

better homes and gardens patio furniture you must check

Something Artsy and Appealing

Your garden patio area might look quite bland without something artsy and eye-catchy like the ALICIAN 2-Tier Flower Pot Stand. This 4-wheeled black metal flower pot stand looks edgy and stylish. And it’s great for display. Instead of those boring plant pots, you can add a little style to the place with this two-tiered pot stand. Besides, it isn’t just a flower pot stand but more. You can keep your garden tools, magazines, and other things that you might need on your patio. Its classic design makes it an amazing piece of artwork for your garden/patio.

You can also place the ALICIAN 5 Tier Corner Shelf Stand if you have more planters. Well, this shelf stand is more suitable for homes; quite perfect for a living room. It can fit into any space and won’t cost you a dime. Such durable and efficient furniture that you can totally buy to give a stylish touch to your home.

better homes and gardens patio furniture you must check

Camping Out in Gardens

Camping, picnics, and hiking during summers are quite common. But what if you plan to camp out in your garden? Well, you can with THBOXES 2 Person Tent or THBOXES 3 Sides Waterproof Tent. These two tents are perfect for your overnight camping.

better homes and gardens patio furniture you must check

Besides, you can also add a couple of camping chairs for comfort. You can definitely get ALICIAN Camping Foldable Chair, as it offers relaxation and is really simple to handle. You can also carry this foldable chair for fishing or your beach trips. For extremely sunny days, you can enjoy your camping with ALICIAN Double Folding Picnic/Camping Chairs with Umbrella. We’re sure that these couple of chairs and tents make your camping comfortable and more exciting. And not just for camping in your gardens but these are also perfect for beaches, hiking, and fishing trips.

better homes and gardens patio furniture you must check

Comfortable and Chic Seating in Patio

Whether it's a Sunday brunch or a house party, your patio/garden is a great spot during summers. So add a little comfort and style to your outdoors with patio furniture sets. ALICIAN 3 Pcs/set Patio Set with outdoor chairs and a coffee table is a perfect outdoor patio furniture that you can get. You can create a small relaxing corner with this patio wicker conversation Bistro set to enjoy a good chat with coffee. Its minimalistic design makes it perfect for gardens and backyards.

However, if you need a patio furniture set more affordable then you can get ALICIAN 2pcs Rattan Bar Chair. Its simple and durable that can meet your daily needs too. And you can even keep them inside your home if you have a personal bar or just near your kitchen counter.

better homes and gardens patio furniture you must check

If you have a pool in your backyard then ALICIAN Latex Rope Chair Patio Recliners are perfect. You can also get ALICIAN Classic Wooden Chair to add a rustic touch to your patio/garden. So, with such comfortable and stylish seating options, you can totally change your patio or garden’s look.

Well, make your home and garden more welcoming with these outdoor patio furniture sets. Be it some sort of recreation or just normal dining, these patio furniture sets are perfect for every outdoor activity. And if you want to check out more patio furniture then you can check out here

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Solar Fence Post Lights

If you decided to add some nice, fancy, romantic, and practical look to your house or yard, you should be looking for a perfect house/yard night decoration…and there you should start from fence and path lights...



Decorative Lights

Lighting that is decorative in nature or design can be considered as decorative lighting. Its purpose is to provide light in a manner that is contributing the improved overall decorative effect and esthetics of the lighted object. Special decorative lighting for homes is usually used during some holidays…but we also have “everyday” decorative lights that have their lighting purpose, and look nice (such as porch lights, fence lights, path lights…). Perfectly lit house is the one that has lights that are just enough to make all things, that need to be visible, visible in the night, but without shining so bright that neighbors can’t sleep (or can be seen from ISS ☺); and doing that while presenting a nice image for everyone that pass by it. This can be done with decorative lights…


Solar-powered Lights

Solar technology is highly energy-efficient and you should not hesitate to use it. And if you worry about the clouds, rechargeable batteries technology got you covered. But, what is solar energy? Solar energy is radiant light and heat from the Sun that is harnessed using a range of technologies such as solar power to generate electricity, solar thermal energy including solar water heating, and solar architecture (definition from Wikipedia).

The 3 key benefits of outdoor solar lights are:

  • Environmentally friendly “green” energy
  • Cost effective
  • Low maintenance

Using the solar-powered lights should (and hopefully will) become a standard in following years. Only effort you have to put in is occasional cleaning (simple wipe – literally) over of the solar panel, and the rest is up to the sun, solar panel, battery, and light bulb. As simple as it sounds, really.


Solar fence post lights

Bringing the best of the two worlds, decorative role, while staying “green”, solar fence lights are the perfect first step that you can make to improve your home/yard. These lights come at affordable price, are simple to use, high quality and durable, and very effective in both decoration and lighting.

Check out Litake solar fence post lights set! It comes at the price of only $49.99 for a full set of 8 lights!


LITAKE 8 Packs Solar Fence Post Lights

  • Gorgeous solar garden post lights;
  • Feature Auto light ON and OFF;
  • Solar fence lights are completely powered by solar;
  • IP65 waterproof, heat-resistant;
  • Easy to Install.


Gorgeous solar garden post lights can perfectly decor your garden and fence with warm mood lighting, unique appearance design allow direct sunlight to the solar panel, beautiful and practical.


The solar fence lights feature Auto light ON and OFF. Solar charging in the daylight, auto light ON at the night, light sensor feature makes no manual operation required.


SOLLED solar fence lights /wall lights is completely powered by solar light with High efficient Poly-silicon solar panel, solar conversation rates up to 18%, that enable over 10 hours of consecutive lighting after fully charged.


The durable ABS material ensures this solar fence lights outstanding quality and safe and reliable, IP65 waterproof, heat-resistant, no worry of crack.


Just install the solar post fence light under a place surrounded by sun with the equipped screws, no electricity charge is required and no energy will be wasted.


Check out LITAKE brand of solar lights! We have decorative and practical, useful solar lights that will perfectly accompany your latest efforts in your garden.

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Coffee Table – More Than Just A Table

Coffee table is more than just a piece of useful furniture. Coffee table is often a central piece of furniture in living room, and more often than not, a piece of furniture that is selected as decoration with the function of table.


Coffee Table 101

As said, coffee table is often considered as centerpiece of a living room, around which chairs and other sitting furniture is set. It’s a foundational part of a living room space! Coffee table’s versatility has no borders…a footrest, drink holder, working desk, gaming table…functionality of your coffee table will most likely dwarf all other pieces of furniture in your home.

Let’s see some definitions of coffee table. Wikipedia says that a coffee table is a low table designed to be placed in a sitting area for convenient support of beverages, remote controls, magazines, books (especially large, illustrated coffee table books), decorative objects, and other small itemsMariam-Webster dictionary says that coffee table is a low table customarily placed in front of a sofa — called also cocktail table.

Coffee tables gain their popularity during the late Victorian era (19th century), and the later-adopted idea of having a low(er) may have come from the Ottoman Empire in which the habit of drinking tea and coffee was done sitting on the floor or low chairs, with a lower table.


Modern-day Coffee Tables

Modern coffee tables come in variety of forms, functionalities, shapes/styles. In today’s homes, a coffee table is still a center piece but it can be mainly functional, with storage space, minimalistic design, industrial design coffee table…or it can be fully decorative with minimal functionality.

Today coffee table can be “a piece of furniture” or luxury object that will cause awe to all your visitors. And according to that, prices can go from $50 to $20,000, or even 6-digit numbers for some auctioned tables with “history”.



Check out our coffee tables offer at GaoMon...not only that we have modern designs and stylish looking coffee tables, but we have multi-functional solution coffee tables. From classic tables that just simply look good wherever you put them, to coffee tables with "hidden" and not so hidden compartments that will be perfect for your remote controllers, books, catalogs, or cover blanket... Perfect combination of wood and metal, different natural colors, sturdy and durable design, our coffee tables will give you all you need, and they will last as long as you need!

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Household Fans – The Best Alternative to A/C

If you are sensitive to cold, if you don’t get well with hot-cold conditions and large temperature differences, then you might not be a fan of Air Conditioners… However, hot summers days need to be handled in some way, so what can you do to cool down a bit? The solution is simple: a household fan.


Your Own Private Breeze

If you want to cool down and enjoy the process, feel the breeze of perfectly cool air that won’t make you feel like you just entered a fridge, a household fan is your solution! Small, smart, portable fan is something that everyone needs and could use during hot days. It’s a perfect choice, for your home or office, it’s your own private breeze cooling you down…


For only $35.99 you can enjoy your fan cooling in only 2 days! One of the best portable household fans on the market is available just for you: ACEKOOL ND2 Rechargeable Desk Fan with Night Light


  • Fan and night light all in 1!
  • 3 wind speeds and 2 brightness levels
  • 3600mAh Battery providing up to 7 hours of cooling
  • Lightweight and compact size allow you to use it everywhere
  • Ultra-quiet operation perfect for work or during sleep
  • Powerful 2000rpm makes you feel cool quickly.


Low Noise & Soft Wind Flow

ACEKOOL USB desk fan adopts an ultra-quiet design, and the noise is reduced to less than 50db. The three-speed soft natural wind is like stroking your cheeks, providing cool airflow for the bedroom and office, helping you sleep peacefully and comfortably in summer.

Bright LED Lights

The rechargeable camping fan has two levels of brightness adjustment, providing you with soft and non-dazzling light to protect your eyesight. When outdoors, it can meet your night lighting needs, and when indoors, it can be used as a desk lamp, for you to read and study, value for money.

Light & Adjustable

Only 22oz! Compact and lightweight design for maximum convenience. The lightweight battery desk fan provides cooling air circulation in any desired direction with a 135-degree tilt rotation. Great for travel, camping, and other outdoor activities.

Battery Powered USB

The 3600mah rechargeable battery provides 3-7 hours of battery life, you can use it while charging to extend the working time. The USB port can be connected to a power bank, car charger, computer, or 5V charger for use, very convenient.

One Year Warranty

We provide one-year warranty for any defective items. If you have any questions or doubts about our quiet desk fan, please contact us for assistance. You will hear from us within 24 hours.

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Blender Vs. Food Processor?

To this question any would probably reply: “Well it’s the same.”, but is that correct answer? Although both are kitchen appliances used for similar (in some case same) tasks, there are a few key differences…let’s check it out.


Kitchen Blender 101

A blender is an electrical kitchen appliance used for mixing liquids and soft foods together or turning fruit or vegetables into liquid. It is basically used to emulsify, liquefy or puree food.1  Kitchen blenders date back to 1900s. Their first main use was for creation of malted milk drinks (which were prescribed by physicians to help build strength). From back then till today, many things changed and from being a rarity, blenders became must-have appliance in every kitchen. Modern blenders can be divided into 2 categories: countertop and immersion (hand or stick) blenders.

Perfect example for kitchen blender is ACEKOOL BH1 5-in-1 Stainless Steel Electric Hand Blender.


Main feats of ACEKOOL BH1 are:

  • 5-in-1 immersion stick blender set
  • 12-speed setting, plus Turbo button
  • 800 Watts powerful and low noise motor
  • 304 stainless steel four-leaf sharp blade
  • Anti-splash & Slip-proof.


Kitchen Food processor 101

A food processor is a kitchen appliance used for chopping, slicing, and mincing, ingredients. It has wide base and curved, horizontal blades set in a such way so that they can chop and slice ingredients quickly and evenly. They are usually used in an ingredients preparation stage; after which they are used for further cooking. Food processors are designed for processing dry food and won’t do good job if working with ingredients that come with a lot of liquid or mixing with liquid.

Perfect example for food processor is: ACEKOOL BC7 600mL Mini Food Processor.


Main feats of ACEKOOL BC7 are:

  • Powerful 300W motor can quickly shred ingredients in 8 seconds
  • Safe BPA-free and overheating protection
  • Stainless steel chopping/mixing blades
  • Convenient cleaning easily washed in running water.


Blender Vs. Food processor

A food processor blades are much better than the blades of a blender. The S-shaped blades of a food processor rotate slower and hence offer much better control than a blender. Also, the blades are plain-edged, which creates clean cuts, chops, slices.

Although a blender can be used to chop or slice food, it doesn’t provide as consistent results as a food processor does for the same task. Blenders usually have an X-shaped blades that are connected and shaped in such way so that they cover vertical and horizontal cutting, and this helps creating the puree texture of the ingredients, or helps mixing the liquid and solid mixed together.

To put it in simply, when you want to pulverize, liquefy, or combine dry and liquid ingredients, you should use a blender. And if you want to make ingredients smaller by chopping and slicing them i.e. do ingredients preparation for further use, you should probably use a food processor.

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Coffee Table Ideas for Your Home

Best Tips for Getting the Perfect Coffee Table

Coffee tables are frequently the most centering furniture of your room. Before you head out to the furniture store and purchase a new coffee table to put in front of your sofa, there are a lot of things you’ll want to keep in mind.

You’ll want to opt for a table that will suit both your unique style and your household’s needs. You’ll also want to choose a high-quality table you can pass down to future generations. It all depends on the style you’re seeking — let’s make sure you get the right one!

9 Tips for Getting the Perfect Coffee Table

1. Get to Know the Right Table Size
First and foremost, you have to determine what size farmhouse table will work best for your room. As a design rule of thumb, a coffee table should be two-thirds the length of a couch.

2. Take a Good Look at Materials
Since you’ll want a quality piece of furniture, double-check that you’re getting a barn wood tabletop or one made from carefully crafted hardwood slats.

3. The Perfect Shape for Your Space
If you’re working with a smaller room and a standard sofa, choosing a rectangular-shaped table makes sense. It will allow you plenty of lengths while not crowding your knee room. For those of you who have bigger rooms or sectionals, a round coffee table or a square table might make more sense.

4. Drawers Can Create Extra Storage
It’s a struggle to keep your living room space tidy. Thankfully, many farmhouse versions of tables include drawers. They’re completely optional, but they’re a clever and hidden way to keep things looking clutter-free.

5. Metal Accents Can Add a Little Flair
A quick look through any design magazine, and you’ll see that mixing metal accents with rustic-looking wood can be quite charming. In fact, it’s the cornerstone of many design styles. Combining brass accents or large metal bolts can add an extra layer of aesthetic appeal.

6. Head Out to the Flea Market
Go to any antique store or flea market, and you’ll most likely stumble on a rustic farmhouse piece just waiting for a new home. While you’re there, keep your eye out for vintage wooden benches. With a few simple adjustments, they make excellent living room furniture that will perfectly match.

7. Don’t Shy Away From Paint
To keep the rustic look on your table, you should allow all the blemishes to shine. Scratches and deep wood grain only give your table character, but you don’t have to stick to standard wood stains. Painting some or all of your table in white and light gray tones can make larger pieces feel lighter without sacrificing the uniqueness of the wood’s texture.

8. Top it With Decorative Touches
Once you’ve found the right table, take a moment to admire it. It’s not easy to make your design ideas come to life. Then, set about decorating it with personal touches that bring it to life. Baskets, trinket trays, and flowers lend to the country house appeal without making things look cluttered.

9. Buy on online store like GaoMon
GaoMon is a comprehensive home appliance home furniture store, where you can choose a variety of favorite products, there are many kinds, and there are also many kinds of coffee tables, there is always a style you like.

We have various styles of coffee tables, such as: Round Coffee TableRectangle Coffee TableLift Top Coffee TableOutdoor Coffee TableStorage Coffee Table, Perfect combination of wood and metal, different natural colors, sturdy and durable design, our coffee tables will give you all you need, and they will last as long as you need!

Introduce some of the most popular types of coffee tables, does it have the type you want?

1. Round Coffee Table

This high-quality round coffee table, with its clean, sleek design, will be a great choice for your living room or outdoor. Its simple elegance will add a stylish touch to the space. Thanks to the solid new tech , this  table is very stable and durable. It is also very easy to clean with just a damp cloth. Assembly is really easy.

Round Coffee Table  round wood coffee table modern round coffee table

2. Lift Top Coffee Table

Putting a contemporary twist on mid-century modern styles, this coffee table’s mixed-media look is sure to grab glances! It pairs a manufactured wood body with walnut accents and a clean-lined silhouette. An open shelf below makes space to stage your favorite decorative pieces, while drop-down panels create a hidden storage compartment, allowing you to tuck away any living room essentials you want out of sight but close at hand.

Lift Top Coffee Table coffee table with lift top adjustable height coffee table

3. Rectangle Coffee Table

With character and rustic charm, this multifunctional coffee table is ideal for contemporary abodes and modern farmhouses alike. Crafted from solid cherry wood, its frame stands out with hidden pulling panel for placing books or something else. Besides, a deep weathered wood-grained finish gives it distinct look. It offers room to stage on top, plus two drawers for keeping essentials stowed and out of sight.

4. Outdoor Coffee Table

More durable than ordinary desks--Easy to assemble, wipe clean with damp cloth--Beautiful, nice coating and color, Suitable for outdoor and indoor--Special material, can resist bad weather and ensure longer service life.

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